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Running is a terrific way to improve fitness, lose weight and build muscle tone. It's also safe, social and one of the most inexpensive sports around (no need to spend a fortune on a bunch of equipment or gym memberships you never use!)


All you really need is a good pair of shoes and an experienced coach who knows what they're talking about.


That's where Pulse Performance comes in... founder and Head Coach Dani Andres has more than 25 years experience coaching and running at an elite level. Having raced dozens of half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons, not to mention a bunch of other distances, off-road and trail races, and even stair races, Dani has a lot of experience and knowledge to share. And he loves sharing it! 


Maybe you want to run faster, tackle longer distances, or maybe you're just thinking about giving running a go for the very first time.


Whatever your running goals and aspirations, Pulse Performance can help you achieve them. Then set new ones, and achieve those too!


The Pulse Performance running squad meets in Rozelle twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Choose from morning (5:45-7am) and evening (6:45-8pm) sessions. Find out more about the Pulse Rozelle running squad.


In 2017, Pulse Performance will be starting a running squad in Glenbrook, gateway to the beautiful Blue Mountains and home some fantastic trail runs!


To find out if Pulse Performance is right for you or to join our awesome running squad, contact Dani on