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Meet the Pulse Performance Team

Running does not have to be a solitary sport! The Pulse running squad is a happy, social bunch of people who enjoy a cuppa (or sometimes a bevvy!) after a training session. During fun runs and races, they'll be the familiar faces out there with you and cheering you on. Pulse runners know just how far a little support can go. 


The Pulse running squad meets in Lilyfield-Rozelle on the Bay two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Morning and evening sessions are available for those needing to fit their fitness in before and after work. The morning running group trains from 5:45am to 7am. The running group is capped at 40 people to make sure we can maintain quality individual coaching. The evening running group trains at 6:45pm and currently has about 15 people (this number tends to grow during the warmer months and daylight savings time). 


Varied and tailored sessions

Pulse Performance is more than a running group. Pulse Running sessions involve a variety of exercises and training sets to build fitness, strength and confidence (and to keep it interesting!) Sprints, time trials, hill reps, core exercises, boxing, kettle bells and weights all find their way into the mix. Time is also spent before and after each session properly warming up, cooling down and stretching. Coach Dani tailors each session for the different levels of fitness and goals of the people in the squad, so beginners and more advanced runners, triathletes, trail runners and multi sports athletes are able to train together while still being challenged. 


Pick the brain of a High-Performance Coach and elite runner

With more than 32 years' experience coaching and running at an elite level, Dani also loves to share his knowledge on correct running technique, preventing and treating injuries, race preparation and recovery, hydration and nutrition. Dani also has a great team of sports physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists if required.


Proudly Sponsored by Polar Heart rate Monitors, Cep, Pace Athletic, Rudy Project, Cervelo bikes, Happy Wheels Bike Sales and Service Centre, Prep Hydration and Ventou.

Pulse runners have access to a range of clothing, shoes, bikes and nutritional products at special group discounted prices.


After 15 years Pulse Lab closed its doors due to covid restrictions.

Pulse Performance closed its studio in 2021 due to covid. Unlike many other businesses who had to shut down completely we are lucky to be able to still provide our coaching running and triathlon services. We are back meeting on the Bay just like the old days. Lots of great memories we had at our studio and who knows maybe we will open one in the future. 

Send us email if you would like to come join us and we will send meeting details.


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