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Luke and Jayden

Identical twins, Luke and Jayden began their sporting life with swimming lessons from the age of about 4 or 5. By the age of 8, they were competent swimmers and with their residual fitness, proved to be OK at cross country at the school level. But once they hit "Zone" it was a very different story.
The top third of their age pool of over 60 runners from 19 local schools were simply amazing.  wondered what it might take to reach the next level known in the public school system as "Region". Our zone was one of eleven in the region and there are ten regions in the state of NSW.
So we signed up with Pulse. Under the performance coaching of Dani Andres, Luke and Jayden improved - first to region and the next year they made their first trip to state All Schools Cross Country championships. They made up the core of their school cross country team and share a couple of state medals to date (gold and bronze) for their school team results over the last two years. 
Sister Kirrali began a similar journey a year behind the boys and managed a dominant first place in her zone cross country in her first year of training with Pulse. You couldn't wipe the smile off her face that day as she ran the last km from the front, unchallenged.
Now there are a lot of naturally talented sporty kids out there who can achieve amazing results with what appears to be effortless or limited preparation. I have to be honest, my kids aren't those type of gifted genes. But Cross Country is one sport that does reward those that train and if you do train effectively, you can amaze both yourself and your peers with what's possible. I tried the super dad coach approach - and the results were mediocre at best. With Pulse, things were different. - Glen (proud Dad)